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orange digital signage.

For more information, visit our Orange Digital Signage website at http://www.orangedigitalsignage.com.

Lewiston Web Solutions has developed a digital signage solution that will empower small businesses and organizations with affordable, simple, and easy-to-use digital signage.  The solution is calledorange, and it takes a very different approach to the challenge of digital signage.  It's scalable, customizable, and robust.  At the same time, it makes it extremely easy to change content.


The orange system consists of four main products: orange cloud, orange oneorange server, and orange client.  If your digital signage needs are simple, and you are driving one content source to one or many panels, the orange one product is for you.  This option combines the server and client software on one small little box, eliminating unnecessary points of failure and costs.  If you are looking for a more rubust solution, orange server/client is for you.  The orange server product delivers content to all orange client units, which mount neatly to the back of your digital signage panels.  This allows you to "tune" your digital signage panels into different content streams.  For example, you may want one content stream for customers entering your store and another content stream for employees in the back.  The orange server/client model would allow you to do this.